Volume 59 (2009) Issue: 2009 No#5-6

1. Blockade of P-selectin reduces neutrophil infiltration into the ischemia-reperfusion induced murine testis

Author(s):Celebi M, Paul Alberta

Keywords:antibodies, neutrophils, P-selectin, testis, torsion

2. Trends of hematological and biochemical values in the blood of young race horses during standardized field exercise tests

Author(s):KedzierskiW, Bergero D, Assenza A

Keywords:biochemical values, horses, standardized exercise test, training

3. Serum concentrations of selected acute phase proteins and enzyme activities after injection of a combined mineral preparation in calves

Author(s):Tóthová Csilla, Nagy O, Seidel H, Kováč G

Keywords:calves, enzymes, haptoglobin, injections, serum amyloid A

4. A study on oxidative stress and complete blood count of sheep bred in the area exposed to depleted uranium (DU) ammunition

Author(s):Jović S, Aleksić Jelena, Krstić Aleksandra, Stevanović Jelka, Kovačević-Filipović Milica, Borozan Sunčica, Božić Tatjana, Popović Dragana

Keywords:sheep, depleted uranium (DU), environment, oxidative stress, peripheral blood, RBC SOD, RBC and MDA

5. Immunoglobulins in pigs vaccinated with a subunit E2 and an attenuated C strain vaccine against classical swine feve

Author(s):Terzić Svjetlana, Bilandžić Nina, Jemeršić Lorena, Logomerac Vesna, Cvetnić Ž, Šandor Ksenija, Oršolić Nada, Valpotić I

Keywords:immunoglobulins, pigs, classical swine fever, vaccination

6. Body weight and enzymes activities in blood plasma of chickens hatched from eggs irradiated with low level gamma rays before incubation

Author(s):Kraljević P, Vilić M, Miljanić S, Šimpraga M

Keywords:gamma radiation, low dose, chickens, body weight, blood plasma, enzymes

7. Glucose tolerance test in the assessment of endocrine pancreatic function in cows before and after surgical correction of left diplaced abomasum

Author(s):Šamanc H, Stojić V, Kirovski Danijela, Pudlo P, Vujanac I

Keywords:cow, displacement of abomasum, glucose tolerance test

8. Reproductive activity of gilts with prolonged preinsemination anoestrus after hormonal treatment

Author(s):Stančić I, Gagrčin M, Jovanović S, Stančić B

Keywords:delayed puberty, hormone treatment, fertility, gilt

9. Effect of high rape cake content supplemented in enzymes on the nutritional value of a broiler diet and intestinal lactic acid bacteria number

Author(s):Banaszkiewicz Teresa, Borkowska Karolina, Kot Barbara

Keywords:broilers, digestibility, enzymes, lactic acid bacteria, rape cake

10. Determination of flumequine residues in broiler chickens with HPLC and screening method

Author(s):Petrović Jelena, Baltić M, Stefanović S, Milanov Dubravka, Ratajac R

Keywords:chickens, flumequine, residue, HPLC, microbiological method

11. Investigation of antibacterial activity of supercritical extracts of plants, as well as of extracts obtained by other technological processes on some bacteria isolated from animals

Author(s):Mišić D, Ašanin Ružica, Ivanović Jasna, Žižović Irena

Keywords:herbal extracts, MIC, bacteria

12. comparison of fatty acid profiles

Author(s):Arsić Aleksandra, Prekajski Niveska, Vučić Vesna, Tepšić Jasna, Popović Tamara, Vrvić M, Glibetić Marija

Keywords:human milk, infant formula, essential fatty acid, arachidonic acid, docosahexaenoic acid

13. Quantitative and qualitative determination of enrofloxacin residues in fish tissues

Author(s):Đorđević Vesna, Baltić M, Ćirković M, Kilibarda Nataša, Glamočlija Nataša, Stefanović S, Mišćević Mirjana

Keywords:fish (carp), enrofloxacin, HPLC, microbiological methods, residues

14. Distinguishable characteristics and early growth of piglets from Lithuanian indigenous pigs and wild boar intercross and backcross

Author(s):Razmaite Violeta, Kerziene Sigita

Keywords:swine, hybrids, early growth, wattles, coat coloration patterns

15. Evaluation of flunixin meglumine genotoxicity using in vitro and in vivo/in vitro micronucleus test

Author(s):Aydin SA, Üstüner Keles O

Keywords:cytochalasin-B, flunixin meglumine, micronucleus, mice, peripheral lymphocytes

16. Gene frequencies of caprine alpha S1 casein polymorphism in Montenegrian Balkan goat breed

Author(s):Marković Božidarka, Marković M, Jovanović S, Krajinović M

Keywords:allele, alpha S1 – casein, Balkan goat, frequency, polymorphism

17. Microsatellite DNA polymorphism and its usefulness for pedigree verification in Simmental cattle from Serbia

Author(s):Stevanović Jevrosima, Stanimirović Z, Dimitrijević V, Stojić V, Fratrić Natalija, Lazarević M

Keywords:cattle, microsatellites, pedigree, polymorphism, Serbia

18. Effects of acute cadmium toxicity on oxidative damage in nervous tissue

Author(s):Milovanović A, Milovanović Anđela, Milovanović J, Čemerikić D, Novaković M, Petrović M, Jovanović A, Petronić Ivana

Keywords:brain, cadmium, free radicals, oxidative stress

19. The effect of repeated casting on the biocompatibility of a dental gold alloy

Author(s):Stamenković D, Čairović Aleksandra, Čolić M, Rudolf Rebeka, Radović Katarina, Đorđević I

Keywords:biocompatibility, highly noble dental alloy, microstructure

20. Estimation of the quality of the nutrition of roe deer based on chemical composition of the rumen content

Author(s):Popović Z, Đorđević N, Đorđević M, Grubić G, Stojanović B

Keywords:Capreolus capreolus L., chemical composition, rumen content, season

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