Volume 59 (2009) Issue: 2009 No#4

1. Proliferative entreropathy (PE) – induced changes in galanin – like immunoreactivity in the enteric nervous system of the porcine distal colon

Author(s):Gonkowski S, Burlinski P, Calka J

Keywords:enteric nervous system, proliferative enteropathy, galanin

2. The influence of bovine thymic extract on the immune response in irradiatedWistar rats

Author(s):Jovanović M, Lazarević M, Popović N, Vojvodić D

Keywords:bovine thymus extract, cellular immune response, humoral immune response, irradiation, immunomodulation, rats

3. Effects of acute and repeated immobilization stress on oxygen consumption of the isolated interstitial rats' testes cells.

Author(s):Kojić Zvezdana, Videnović-Ivanov Jelica, Kostić Tatjana

Keywords:cell respiration, stress, testis, rat

4. Expression of -SMA, desmin and vimentin in canine liver with fibrosis

Author(s):Knežević Milijana, Gledić D, Kukolj V, Knežević DJ, Jovanović M, Božić Tatjana, Aleksić- Kovačević Sanja

Keywords:dogs, HSC, immunohistochemistry, liver fibrosis, myofibroblasts

5. CD 57 expression on lymphocytes present in the caecum and caecal tonsils in broilers infected with Eimeria tenella

Author(s):Ilić Tamara, Aleksić-Kovačević Sanja, Knežević Milijana, Dimitrijević Sanda

Keywords:caecal coccidiosis, caecal tonsils, chick, immunohistochemistry

6. Examination of presence of specific antibodies against avian influenza virus in some species of wild birds

Author(s):Šekler M, Ašanin Ružica, Krnjaić D, Palić T, Milić N, Jovanović Tanja, Kovačević Dragana, Plavšić B, Stojanović Dragica, Vidanović D, Ašanin N

Keywords:avian influenza virus, wild birds, AGP, HI, ELISA

7. Changes in the oxidative status and serum trace element levels in dogs with mammary tumours

Author(s):Askar TK, Salmanoglu B, Salmanoglu R, Erkal N, Beskaya A

Keywords:dog, mammary tumour, oxidative stress, trace elements

8. Influence of age on profile of serum proteins in the calf

Author(s):Piccione G, Casella Stefania, Giannetto Claudia, Vazzana Irene, Niutta PP, Giudice Elisabetta

Keywords:electrophoretic parameters, calf, neonatal period, perinatal period, total proteins

9. Scanning electron microscopy of Listeria monocytogenes biofilms on stainless steel surfaces

Author(s):Milanov Dubravka, Ašanin Ružica, Vidić Branka, Krnjaić D, Petrović Jelena, Savić Sara

Keywords:Listeria monocytogenes, scanning electron microscopy, biofilm, stainless steel

10. Study on the effectiveness of topical application of antiseptics in the therapy of digital dermatitis in diary cattle

Author(s):Stevančević M, Toholj B, Lako B, Potkonjak A, Kuljača V

Keywords:claw disorders, digital dermatitis, antiseptics

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