Volume 59 (2009) Issue: 2009 No#2-3

1. Production of H2O2 and NO by rat peritoneal macrophages in response to gut commensal bacteria

Author(s):Kovačević-Jovanović Vesna, Mitić Katarina, Stanojević Stanislava, Miletić Tatjana, Vujić Vesna, Dimitrijević Mirjana

Keywords:commensal bacteria, hydrogen peroxide, peritoneal macrophages, nitric oxide, rat strains

2. Inhibitory effect of eugenol on rat ileal motility in vitro

Author(s):Trailović MS, Robertson PA, Nedeljković - Trailović Jelena

Keywords:eugenol, ileum, NO, L-NAME

3. Effect of L-NAME on AlCl3-induced toxicity in rat brain

Author(s):Stevanović Ivana, Jovanović Marina, Jelenković Ankica, Bokonjić D, Čolić M, Stojanović Ivana, Ninković Milica

Keywords:acetylcholine esterase, aluminium, behavior, L-NAME, nitric oxide

4. Effect of single dose dexamethasone administration on metabolism related parameters in lactating fat tailed sheep

Author(s):Citil M, Uzlu E, Karapehlivan M, Yapar K

Keywords:biochemistry, energy metabolism, fat tailed ewes, glucocorticoids

5. The evaluation of the concentrations of methylprednisolone applied intravenously and by iontophoresis in thepig

Author(s):Đurđević S, Jezdimirović Milanka, Đurović A, Dedić Gordana, Aleksić Nevenka, Branković Nataša, Stojiljković S, Stojšić D, Blagojević Z

Keywords:iontophoresis, methylprednisolone, inflamed joints, domestic pig

6. Ultrastructural and biochemical changes in the turkeys liver after the chronic cadmium exposure

Author(s):Holovská Katarína, Cigánková Viera, Almášiová Viera, Sobeková Anna, Nad P, Skalická Magdaléna

Keywords:morphology, hepatocytes, cadmium, zinc, superoxide dismutase

7. Effects of borneol on blood chemistry changes in chickens

Author(s):Faixova Zita, Piesova Elena, Makova Zuzana, Takacova Jana, Cobanova Klaudia, Leng I, Faix S

Keywords:borneol, essential oil, metabolism, poultry

8. Test-day records as a tool for subclinical ketosis detection

Author(s):Gantner Vesna, Potočnik K, Jovanovac Sonja

Keywords:daily milk yield, detection, subclinical ketosis, test-day records

9. The comparative evaluation of serum biochemical, haematological, bacteriological and clinical findings of dead and recovered bitches with pyometra in the postoperative process

Author(s):Küplülü S, Vural MR, Demirel A, Polat M, Akçay A

Keywords:bacteriology, blood chemistry, canine pyometra, clinical signs, haematology, prognosis

10. First report of serological evidence of hepatitis E virus infection in swine in Northern Greece

Author(s):Siochu Asimoula, Tzika Elena, Alexopoulos C, Kyriakis SC, Froesner G

Keywords:hepatitis E virus, IgG, swine, Greece

11. Myocardial bridges over the ramus intervetricularis anterior and its branches in Cercopithecus aethiops sabeus

Author(s):Nikolić Valentina, Blagojević Z, Stijak I, Radonjić Vidosava, Đorđević Milena, Kovačević Dragana, Filipović B

Keywords:Cercopithecus aethiops sabeus, coronary arteries, myocardial bridging

12. Value of cardiac markers in dogs with chronic mitral valve disease

Author(s):Bakirel U, Gunes S

Keywords:troponin I, troponin T, LDH, CK-MB, dog

13. Morphological findings in the cranial mesenteric artery of horses with verminous arteritis

Author(s):Marinković D, Aleksić-Kovačević Sanja, Krstić V, Knežević Milijana

Keywords:horse, cranial mesenteric artery, morphological changes, verminous arteritis

14. Histological and immunohistochemical evaluations of rat soft tissue response to bioceramical implants

Author(s):Marković Danica, Kojić Zvezdana, Marinković D, Danilović Vesna, Radovanović Anita, Janaćković Đ

Keywords:bioceramics, biocompatibility, histology, subcutaneous tissue

15. X-ray craniometric and X-ray cephalometric determination of angular parameters in German shepherd dogs

Author(s):Krstić N, Pešut Olivera, Marković D, Tepavčević Zvezdana, Hadži Milić M, Milosavljević Ž

Keywords:dog, radiocephalometry, radiocraniometry, radiology, teleroentgen

16. Biocompatibility of root canal obturation materials implanted in rats muscular tissue

Author(s):Karadžić B, Vujašković Mirjana

Keywords:The purpose of this study was to investigate the biocompatibility of different dental materials for teeth root canal obturation, implanted in rat muscular tissue, by analyzing the type of muscular tissue inflammatory reaction level. In the preparation of

17. The effects of hydroxyapatite and platelet rich plasma on apexogenesis in monkeys

Author(s):Petrović Vanja, Danilović Vesna, Marković D, Čakić S, Krstić N, Marković Danica

Keywords:apexogenesis, histology, HAP, PRP

18. Effect of fish freezing on selected parameters of smoked product quality

Author(s):Kilibarda Nataša, Baltić ŽM, Dimitrijević Mirjana, Karabasil N, Kiškarolj F

Keywords:freezing, smoked fish, quality

19. Identification of animal species in heat treated muscle homogenates using the polymerase chain reaction

Author(s):Velebit B, Marković Brankica, Janković Vesna, Borović Branka, Vesković-Moračanin Slavica

Keywords:meat, animal species, identification, PCR

20. Reasons for relinquishment of owned dogs in a municipal shelter in Belgrade

Author(s):Vučinić Marijana, Đorđević M, Teodorović Radislava, Janković Ljiljana, Radenković- Damnjanović Brana, Radisavljević Katarina

Keywords:dog, relinquishment, adoption, euthanasia

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