Volume 62 (2012) Issue: 2012 No#5-6

Immunoglobulin changes in boars exposed to administration of levamisole and exogenous adrenocorticotropic hormone

Author(s): Bilandžić Nina, Terzić Svjetlana, Šimić B

Keywords:ACTH, albumins, boars, globulins, immunoglobulins, levamisole, total proteins

The objective of this paper was to determine the effect of levamisole (LEV) on immunoglobulin concentration in the serum of boars exposed to 3-day stress induced by exogenous ACTH. Boars were assigned to 4 groups (n=7). The first group received LEV for 3 days (2.5 mg/kg BW), the second group received ACTH (10 g/kg BW) for 3 days and the third group received LEV for 3 consecutive days and ACTH for the following 3 days (2.5 mg/kg BW; ACTH 10 g/kg BW). The control group received saline solution during the 6 days. Concentrations of cortisol, total protein, globulin, albumin and immunoglobulin (IgG, IgA and IgM) were determined during treatments and on the 16th day post-administration. Cortisol concentration was increased in both ACTH treated groups during all three days of administration and the day after the last ACTH treatment (p<0.05). ACTH increased total protein levels during the stress period and over the next 16 days (p<0.05). However, in the LEV+ACTH group total protein levels were elevated only on day 1 and 2 of ACTH injection (p<0.05) and after the end of treatment on day 11 and 22 (p<0.05). LEV stimulated the increase of protein concentrations compared to control values after LEV treatment, on days 5, 14, 18 and 22 (p<0.05). Serum albumins were not affected by LEV or ACTH treatment. Globulin concentrations were increased throughout and on the 16th day after administration of ACTH in the ACTH and LEV+ACTH groups (p<0.05). Globulin concentrations did not differ between LEV and control groups of boars. ACTH treatment elevated serum IgG concentration during the stress period (p<0.05) and over the next 16 days (p<0.05). However, in the LEV+ACTH group of boars, IgG levels were elevated on days 1 and 3 after ACTH injection (p<0.05) and days 1 and 5 in the post-treatment period (p<0.05). LEV had no impact on IgG levels compared to the control boars. However, increased IgA concentrations in boars treated with LEV were determined on day 2 (p<0.05) and day 11 (p<0.05) after administration of LEV compared to animals in the LEV+ACTH group. These results show that LEV application may protect boars from the negative influence of stress and provoke improved non-specific immunity.

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