Volume 71 (2021) Issue: 2021 No#1

1. Radiographic determination of the canine elbow joint angle in collimated views

Author(s):Alves-Pimenta Sofia, Colaço Bruno, Ginja Mário

Keywords:Elbow dysplasia, mediolateral view, elbow angle, canine osteoarthritis.

2. Expression of platelet derived growth factor A, its receptor, and integrin subunit alpha v in feline injection-site sarcomas

Author(s):Ishtiaq Ahmed, Sozmen Mahmut

Keywords:Injection site sarcoma, IHC, Integrin, Platelet derived growth factors

3. Genetic analysis and distribution of porcine parvoviruses detected in the organs of wild boars in Serbia

Author(s):Nišavić Jakov, Milić Nenad, Radalj Andrea, Krnjaić Dejan, Milićević Dragan, Knežević Aleksandra, Radojičić Marina, Obrenović Sonja, Ćosić Milivoje, Tešović Bojana, Benković Damir, Živulj Aleksandar

Keywords:PPV1, PPV2, PPV3, wild boar, DNA sequencing

4. Gastrointestinal nematode infections in antelopes from Morocco: a coprological survey

Author(s):Saidi Aissa, Mimouni Rachida, Hamadi Fatima, Oubrou Widade

Keywords:African threatened antelopes; Camelostrongylus mentulatus; gastrointestinal nematodes; ITS-2 rDNA; Morocco; Nematodirus spathiger.

5. Comparative evaluation of the cytological, histopathological and immunohistochemical findings of canine cutaneous and subcutaneous masses

Author(s):Ipek Volkan, Cangul I.Taci, Akkoc Ahmet

Keywords:Dog, cytology, histopathology, immunohistochemistry, skin, tumor

6. Histological evaluation of periradicular tissue inflammatory reactions and calcified tissue formations after implantation of experimental calcium silicate and hydroxyapatite based nanostructural cements into root canals of rabbits teeth

Author(s):Petrović Violeta, Opačić-Galić Vanja, Jokanović Vukoman, Sopta Jelena, Prokić Bogomir Bolka, Živković Slavoljub

Keywords:biocompatibility; calcium silicate; hard tissue formation; hydroxyapatite.

7. Rapid identification for serotyping of African swine fever virus based on the short fragment of the EP402R gene encoding for CD2-like protein

Author(s):Tran Ha Thi Thanh, Truong Anh Duc, Ly Duc Viet, Hoang Tuan Van, Nguyen Chinh Thi, Chu Nhu Thi, Nguyen Huyen Thi, Dang Hoang Vu

Keywords:African Swine Fever Virus, Serotyping, EP402R gene, CD2v, Vietnam

8. First confirmed clinical case of Anaplasma platys in a dog in Serbia

Author(s):Ilić Božović Anja, Radaković Milena, Spariosu Kristina, Tyrrell Phyllis, Chandrashekar Ramaswamy, Mišić Dušan, Kovačević Filipović Milica

Keywords:Anaplasma platys, dog, Serbia, PCR, serology

9. Trueperella pyogenes induced cerebral abscess in a West Highland white terrier

Author(s):Usta Mustafa, İlhan Fatma, Özen Hasan, İlhan Ziya, Karaman Musa, Kurban Muhammed Yusuf

Keywords:Trueperella pyogenes, cerebral abscess, dog

10. Traumatic blepharitis including cutanous changes with a clinical appearance of immune-mediated disease

Author(s):Kecova Helga, Milcic-Matic Natalija, Lazic Tatjana, Grozdanic Sinisa

Keywords:blepharitis, canine, mucocutaneous ulcerative lesion.

11. Sarcoid in the lower eyelid due to Bovine Papillomavirus-2 in a donkey (Equus asinus)

Author(s):Eroksuz Yesari, Abayli Hasan, Canpolat Ibrahim, Akdeniz Incili Canan, Karabulut Burak, Tanrisever Murat, Beytut Enver

Keywords:Bovine papillomavirus-2, donkey, Equus asinus, sarcoid.

12. Letter to the Editor on case report “Traumatic blepharitis including cutanous changes with a clinical appearance of immune-mediated disease”

Author(s):Abrams L. Kenneth

Keywords:Letter to the Editor

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